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Hung Chan Food Biotech Co., Ltd.

Founded in July 2016, factory one is located in the new Taipei City Industrial Park, the operating area of factory takes 100000-class as an environmental standard, operating procedures takes ISO 22000 and HACCP as the highest principle of the implementation. Combined with the concept of biotechnology technology, it makes that the product can be retain without adding preservatives, antioxidants, improvers, artificial colors and so on. The company's Hsuan-Ko products Fresh Can is stored at room temperature for three years.


The parent company is located in Malaysia, providing consumers with high quality and safe products with seedling biotechnology, aquaculture, frozen processing and international trade.

Currently, majority of customers often doubt about food safety, as the reasons, Hongzhan Food & Beverage Co. break the traditional food-make procedure, strictly inspect the food products in five (quality, believe ,healthy, honesty and consistent ) to customer groups.

Hongzhan Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.

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